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Hole - Celebrity Skin Radiohead - OK Computer 3. Daft Punk - Da Funk 8. After asking Hurt to perform, to ensure he was actually who he claimed to be, Hoskins convinced Hurt to move to Washington D.

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Plastikman - Consumed Los Lobos - Colossal Head Prodigy - Firestarter 5. Blige - Deep Inside 4.

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Cash had recently become aware of Kris Kristoffersona young, relatively unknown country singer-songwriter, and convinced George Wein to allow Kristofferson to join him onstage. Everclear - Santa Monica 9.

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Cibo Matto - Viva! Kristofferson's performance blackjack bessemer "Me and Bobby McGee" and other songs gave him a launch into his legendary musical career.

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Establishment of Foundation[ edit ] The Newport Folk Festival has existed in various forms since its creation; founded as a not-for-profitthe festival became a for-profit in the mid-eighties. Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta Beenie Man - Who Am Wilco casino queen chords Despite wide speculation that Dylan would once again attempt to "shock" the audience at Newport, Dylan performed a straightforward set, with little surprises.

Alec Empire - " Reflection Eternal - Fortified Live 9.

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InWein became aware of the growing Folk Revival movement and began inviting folk artists such as Odetta to perform on Sunday afternoons at Storyville. Beck - Midnite Vultures Erykah Badu - On And On 6.

The Roots - Illadelph Halflife Singles 1. Eminem - My Name Is The Festival was well attended and received favorable press, despite folk purists questioning the modernization of the festival.

The Chemical Brothers - Surrender Rufus Wainwright - Rufus Wainwright After Peter, Paul and Mary finished their afternoon set, Wein announced that they would reappear at the end of the evening. A portion of beer and wine sales went to CWA to support their work. The Promise Ring - Very Emergency The Electric Dylan controversy[ edit ] Main article: The '65 appearance at the Folk Festival was a turning point in his career, a distancing of himself from his acoustic folk music to his more blues-based electric music.

The festival has also developed a reputation for programming surprise, unannounced artists. The controversy regarding the reaction of the audience at this event is often overplayed, as it was not the general reaction of the audience, but rather that of a small number of folk "purists", including Pete Seeger.

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The performance was reviewed favorably and provided a much needed economic boost to the festival. Believing his musical career to be over, Hurt continued farming, apparently thinking little of his brief recording gig.

Hanson - MMMBop 3.

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Juvenile - Ha Air - Moon Safari 7. Spice Girls - Wannabe But Harry Smith, a member of a tiny subculture of obsessive, cranky collectors, put two John Hurt cuts wilco casino queen chords his influential Anthology of American Folk Music, prompting many blues hobbyists to begin searching for him.

It is usually said that the reason for the hostile reception by a small number of fans was Dylan's "abandoning of the folk orthodoxyor poor sound quality on the night or a combination of the two.

Portishead - Portishead 7. Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank 2.

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Aware of his own limitations in the folk scene, Wein asked Albert Grossmanthen Odetta's manager, to join him in planning and producing the festival. Korn - Got The Life Kid Rock - Bawitdaba Lauryn Hill - Ex-Factor 3.

The Look of Love: Gang Starr - Moment of Truth The singers stood in a single line facing the audience with crossed arms and clasped hands and began to sing a variation on the Baptist hymn "I'll Overcome Some Day.

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Pulp - Help The Aged They also partnered with Farm Fresh Rhode Island to incorporate local foods into the vendors' fare.

Wilco casino queen chords