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Blackjack cobra. Golden-Age Superhero and Villain Encyclopedia

Sometimes the free arm is placed at the top of the opponent's head.

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Other variations include squeezing either the side of the neck or the muscle in the front of the armpit, with the four fingers dug into the armpit and the thumb pressing into the front of the shoulder. The attacking wrestler traps one of the prone opponent's arms in their legs, wraps the opponents other arm under the attackers shoulder and then applies the crossface.

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Socko" present, on RJ City A maneuver which, when applied correctly against an individual, is purported to cause intense, legitimate pain. The wrestler then tightens their grip to choke an opponent by compressing their throat.

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In public performance, for safety's sake, stretches are usually not performed to the point where the opponent must submit or risk injury. Thousands of choices from some of the best developers around, like Armor Games, Games2Win, and even yours truly, Addicting Games!

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The hold is applied when the aggressor places his middle and ring fingers into the opponent's mouth, sliding them under the tongue and jabbing into the soft tissue found at the bottom of the mouth. As with a sleeper hold, this move can also be performed from a standing position.

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The wrestler then pulls the opponent's head backwards and up, wrenching the opponent's neck. Stretches are usually employed to weaken an opponent or to force them to submit, either vocally or by tapping out: This can be transitioned into a clawhold STO. Don't just play games on AddictingGames.

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Simply upload your game directly to the Addicting Games website using the game submission form. Wwe Wrestler Naomi has crucifix variation calling it Feel the Glow Standing headscissors[ edit ] The wrestler tucks a bent over opponent's head in between their legs or thighs.

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The attacking wrestler tucks the opponent's head underneath his armpit and wraps his arm around the head so that the forearm is pressed against the face. The attacker then either pulls straight back on the chin or wrenches it to the blackjack cobra.

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Stretch plum[ edit ] The wrestler applies an inverted facelock to a seated opponent and places his far leg between the opponent's legs and pushes his near leg's knee against the opponent's back. We keep the list updated with the latest and greatest free online games!

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Front chancery[ edit ] Also known as "Neck Wrench", the wrestler faces his opponent who is bent over. Blackjack cobra move is performed in several ways, usually involving the wrestler trapping one of the opponent's arms.

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In professional wrestling this move is used to set up powerbombs or piledrivers. Das Konzept, auf das der Piggy Pirates Slot aufbaut, ist denkbar einfach.

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Blackjack cobra