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Realizing that the FBI will never admit what they did, he walks into the emergency room, locks the door and pulls the plug on both Israel and Sparazza, killing them both. Tremor escapes, and Messner, distraught over the death of Carruthers, stops Ivy and Georgia on the stairwell, but lets them escape.

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Carruthers senses something is wrong and both are mortally wounded in a gunfight. Sparazza is further revealed to be Freeman Heller Mike Falkowan FBI agent who went undercover and was thought to have been killed by the mob.

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The eldest of the Tremor brothers, a trio of redneckspeed -freak, neo-Nazi skinhead hitmen with a penchant for scorched earth tactics. Cast[ edit ] Ben Affleck as Jack Dupree: Messner arrives american southwest slot canyons the hotel and sets up a position around Georgia's elevator.

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A number of assassins also seek the reward, including Lazlo Soot Tommy Flanaganwho specializes in disguises and impersonations; Sharice Watters Taraji P. Sharice, after seeing the pair alive and free through her rifle scope, is gunned down by the FBI.

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Israel, learning of the FBI's new position, attempts suicide. Acosta, still alive, shoots Georgia, but is shot by Carruthers. But Heller survived and ended up taking on the role as Sparazza full-time.

The bondsmen are attacked by the Tremors, and only Elmore escapes alive. Darwin Tremor tries to escape, but is gunned down by Hollis Elmore. Chris Pine as Darwin Tremor: C, as he is no longer on the case. The Tremor brothers reach the penthouse floor, where they engage in a shootout with the security team and Ivy, who manages to kill Jeeves and Lester.

Acosta, carted away on a gurney, is also shown to be alive.

It transpires that the mysterious Swede is a prominent heart surgeon and that Soot was hired by Sparazza to get Israel's heart so it could be transplanted into the body of Sparazza. Locke dispatches Messner and Carruthers to take Israel into custody when the deal is struck.

Israel's second-in-command, Sir Ivy Commonlearns that Israel agreed to inform upon Ivy as part of the plea deal and attempts to kill him, but Israel injures Ivy long enough for the hotel security team to restrain Ivy. Roulette jatuh cinta kunci gitar world-weary Las Vegas bail bondsman who is hired to bring Buddy Israel back from Lake Tahoe and see that he makes his next court appearance.

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Sharice, thinking Georgia is dead, refuses to escape and keeps shooting at the FBI team. Messner is dispatched to the murder scene while Carruthers proceeds to Israel. In Los Angeles, Locke abruptly withdraws from the deal with Israel and orders that Messner and Carruthers are not told.

Meanwhile, Soot gains access to the penthouse by posing as one of Israel's henchmen. Common as Sir Ivy: Sharice provides cover from another hotel with a.

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At the same time, each of the assassins gain access to the hotel in their own various ways. They get wind of the hit on Israel and decide to horn in on the action.

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Georgia escapes to the penthouse, where she stops Darwin Tremor before he can kill Ivy. Georgia finds Carruthers and Acosta in the elevator, but assumes Acosta is Soot.

Messner, furious over the unnecessary deaths, especially Carruthers', protests and is ordered by Locke to leave the hospital and go home to Washington, D.

Israel's head of security. Carruthers encounters Acosta, disguised as a security officer, in an elevator at the hotel.

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He then lays his gun and badge on the floor while Locke and his men desperately try to break in, apparently resigning as an FBI agent. Messner arrives at the hospital and learns the truth about the day's events from Locke. The mobster has agreed to expose the mob's operations in exchange for Israel's heart as he is Sparazza's love child and, thus, the most compatible donor.

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