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The time line is basically your clip laid out at the bottom of your editing software. What is Slow Motion? How to Edit Slow-Motion Videos Editing slow motion videos is about as simple as the concept of slow motion is to understand.

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This is due to the higher shutter speed set by your camera. So, I first check what are my frame rate options for any chosen resolution as not all frame rate options are available with every resolution.

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There are a few. By analyzing the video seen at the beginning of this article, you will realize that most of the clips are in slow motion and very stable.

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At that shutter speed, a slow motion footage free of noise can only be achieved with good lighting. How fast are the objects moving in my shot?

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But, what if you forgot to switch your FPS during the shooting or you just realized that the jump shot to your friend would have been way cooler in slow motion? So we made it 60fps half the speed in post production: So, do not go crazy if you want to get good results out of it. Follow these simple steps: This is what we are going to cover: The part of the video where the girl is running in the middle of the frame is a perfect example of cinematic feel.

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If you want to go professional I would suggest you Twixtor. Of course, the result will never be as good as if this was done in camera. This is by far my favorite FREE professional editing software: It will help you set your camera fast, in any activity.

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To Highlight Details We can use the slow motion effect to bring more attention to the viewer on a certain fast action or detail. Stabilize your camera In order to get those smooth slow-mo shots, the footage must look stable.

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Simply because the recreated frames are not real and therefore not always accurate. For a very fast action like surfing, I suggest a frame rate of fps to fps.

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So, casino m8trix san jose ca any editing software will let you decide the project frame rate as you start a new editing project. Remember the simple math to understand how slow you can go based on your fps? In this case, fps. In other words, the camera takes a lot of still frames 60,per second and when they are played back at normal rate, the video appears to be slow, smooth and more stable.

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And give them an answer, for example: So, activate the built-in digital GoPro stabilization when you can.

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