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While talking to Gibbs about the venture, he revealed his personal stake in the mission, the Black Pearl, as well as Will Turner being the "leverage". A red bandanna is always wrapped around his head, complemented by his piece of eight a small, ancient Siamese coin woven into Moroccan beads draped over his forehead.

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After reaching the island, Will suspected that Jack may betray him and knocks him out before rescuing Elizabeth. After a sword duel between the two, Jack is knocked unconscious and jailed, to be hanged the next black jack randall dies.

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Jack and Barbossa fighting. Before the execution, though, Randall takes Jamie away to one of the prison's dungeon rooms, where he tortures and rapes Jamie for pleasure. Barbossa gave Jack a pistol with a single shot, intended for suicide.

Jack Sparrow

To Jack's dismay, Will reveals he is Bootstrap Bill's son and demands that Elizabeth and the crew be freed. Jack Sparrow embarks on a number of grand and thrilling adventures with friends, some involving the supernatural and some time for defeating enemies trikes them.

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Just black jack randall dies Claire had told him before leaving Wentworth Prisonthree years previous, Randall dies at the Battle of Culloden on April 16, Since "the thing you want most in this world" is a fairly loose definition, it has been demonstrated to mean people i.

The crew hauled Jack from the water and, as Sparrow put on his hat, appointed him captain. Stranded with no apparent way to pursue Barbossa, Jack and Will have no choice but to "borrow" a vessel. Believing Elizabeth is Bootstrap's child, Barbossa anoints the last coin with her blood and drops it into the chest, but the curse remains unbroken. In his search for the Fountain of Youthhe has to contend with the notorious Captain Blackbeard and the beautiful Angelica.

Tobias Menzies on the catharsis of playing Black Jack on 'Outlander'

Contents Background Physical Appearance The distinctive look Jack Sparrow gave to himself is accentuated by long, dark brown to black hair and a goatee beard, though Jack sometimes wears a faded black tricorn hat.

In the autumn ofRandall seeks out Claire in Edinburgh to treat his brother Alexanderwho is very ill.

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Using Claire as leverage, the captain demands Jamie surrender the pistol, then picks it up and points it at Jamie. Despite the victory, Jack is arrested and condemned to death. This method does not prove effective, however, and MacKenzie takes the woman away again — with orders from Randall to deliver one Claire Beauchamp to Fort William on the 18th of June for questioning.

Obtained in a barter from Tia Dalma, Jack's compass does not point north, but rather towards the thing that the person holding the compass wants most.