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Constantine nbc time slot, nor do people...

Not even John Constantine can defeat the kinds of suit-wearing demons that make these kinds of decisions.

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Mr Cerone - whose enthusiasm for the show's future has been really infectious - said this via Twitte r: Part of the reasoning here is that since Constantine premiered so late October 24th in the new TV season, NBC was forced to make a decision after four episodes, when usually a new show gets seven before those last nine episodes are ordered.

Here's the full statement: Anyway, Constantine is not getting a full, 22 episode season order. How can fans help the matter? But if you want to see that happen, fans, you'd best set your DVRs and get some kind of appropriately catchy hashtag constantine nbc time slot.

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Seeing as April kicks off tomorrow, we'll probably have news - good or bad - very soon. But our time as caretakers has ended. Keep it on air. Constantine has already found itself falling into the usual network procedural traps albeit with ghosts, demons, etcso maybe this will force them to rethink a few episodes and focus on a more efficient, cable style model of storytelling.

The studio tried to find a new constantine nbc time slot for the show, for which we're forever grateful, but those efforts slots garden mobile casino pan out. Here's our previous update, from May We had previously heard that he had until May, as you can see in our original story including our tips to help save the show, at the end here When he was trying to pitch season 2 to NBC, he let us know when to expect an answer.

We'll let you know as soon as we hear.

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Like breathing, it just happens and you have to do it and you just hope that someday somebody out there notices what you're trying to say. Asked on Twitter if the show could be considered "technically cancelled", Cerone replied: This is what he said: By the way, this is a pitch meeting involving the president of Warner Bros and and the entertainment heads of NBC.

Showrunner Daniel Cerone has been honest with fans non-stop over the last few months. The pitch that showrunner Daniel Cerone gave in April can't have gone down as well as hoped, then.

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The show has so far failed to set the numbers on fire. Stream the available episodes and tell your friends, according to Cerone. Check out the actual Facebook post below: EST when it returns from hiatus on Jan.

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Huge jump in quality over the last few episodes SaveConstantine" "The problem isn't the time per say sic it's the day, Friday is tough for people to watch a TV show. NBC needs to recognize that.

Look at Hannibal for proof.

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Let's make it happen. Showrunner Daniel Cerone has admitted that renewal is 'a long shot' in a clarifying statement to ComicBook. The good news is that Constantine will live on for years in many more forms. It seems that NBC, in its infinite wisdom, is moving the show up a couple hours to 8 p.

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all news updates related to the world of geek. We'll pitch them our plans for 2nd season in May.

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Deadline also reports that the network still considers Constantine a candidate for a second season renewal, too. Scroll to the bottom for details on how you could help the show we've put that bit in bold Thank you Hellblazers for your support u truly r the best, and thank you to everyone involved in the show.

Sure, that's fair to say.

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You write because that's what you do. From the dedicated cast that breathed these characters to life, led by Matt Ryan as the comic-made-flesh embodiment of John Constantine, to the exceptionality talented crew that put unreal images on screen, to the original Hellblazer writers and artists who gifted us a universe.

Here's our previous Constantine-based update.

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