T22 Holy Paladin Best in Slot (BiS) List for Patch (Battle for Azeroth)

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General Information

Advertisement Tier 19, Vestments of the Purifier Tier sets are great. I have many questions about this trinket that may not be answered until live. Long range and short cooldown for more frequent use. Make sure you do the upgrade quests for that nice stat boost to ilvl. The different buffs seem to be able to overlap.

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Longer encounters will likely call for regen regardless, shorter encounters may offer you more choices. The three different stats seem to be equally likely. Whereas before you were stacking Mastery above everything else and Crit in second place, with little to no Haste, now you want to keep them even.

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Its value depends heavily on how close your secondary stats are to one another. Such is the life of healers and tanks. Is there an alternative talent?: Tier sets now come in 6 pieces instead of 5, so that you have options and can work around whatever legendaries you have.

Level Best Talent: Fist of Justice Why: Pursuit of Justice Best in slot holy paladin trinkets Grand Magistrix Elisande Ephemeral Paradox only affects a single spell for each healing class and procs 1.

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Level 30 Best Talent: Proc based trinkets always feel a little bad as a healer unless the proc is particularly strong. The absorb buff is automatic, even though the trinket text implies that other players will have to actively click it. The Mythic version of the trinket will detonate for to 19 allies.

Important Patch 7.2 Changes

We can then divide this total 3, by 60 to calculate the heals per second the trinket offers in this perfect scenario. Both of these bonuses are worth maintaining, but neither is very interesting.

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The two talents are interchangeable depending on the composition you are playing and facing in 3v3. The Mythic version of the trinket will detonate for 55, to 5 allies. Similarly, Helya in Trial of Valor, and Nightbane in the updated Return to Karazhan are other options for the same Intellect plus secondary stat trinket.

Holy Paladin PvP Guide - Warlords of Draenor

Important instant ability which allows you and your partners to set up chain CC events. Trinkets Oh boy, trinkets.

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Crit is still useful, but not to the point of stacking it purposely. Getting the stat you want is like getting a proc on a proc. Only useful time slot 0 definition paired with the Clemency talent 60 tierand versus melee cleaves who casino square f1 train you.

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Best in slot holy paladin trinkets